What's This All About?

“Jesus is up to something.” This is a phrase that can be heard around our NewLife community and it shouldn’t surprise us. As a body of believers, we’ve been trying to follow Jesus more intentionally, even during a pandemic, and Jesus has been showing up faithfully.

From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, He invited disciples to follow Him and then led them into the lives of real people who received His grace and promises in tangible ways.

Jesus is doing the same with us. He invites us to follow Him, marks us with His name in baptism, and leads us into the lives of real people. And those people have names, stories, joys, heartaches, etc. He loves them and invites you to follow Him into their stories.

But how do we do that? What does it look like? Whose story should I be seeking? What if someone rejects me? Beginning Sunday, April 18th, NewLife will embark on a six-week series entitled, Joining Jesus on His Mission, that will help us lean into those questions and more. We’ll learn practical ways that help us recognize and respond to what Jesus is already doing around us. We’ll see that joining Jesus on His mission is much easier than we think.

How Can I Get Involved?

Over the next six weeks, there will be several ways to engage in our Joining Jesus series beyond our Sunday morning worship services.

1) Read the book: Joining Jesus on His Mission

This book, written by Rev. Greg Finke, will help you understand the mission of God in a way that makes joining Jesus on his mission more achievable…and exciting! To get a copy in your hands, please pick one up at NewLife on Sunday, during office hours throughout the week, or fill out this form to have one delivered to your home. If you’re out of the area, and are interested in getting a copy, please contact the church office.

If you’d like to cover the cost of this book ($10) for yourself or others with a financial gift, please click here.

2) Read the Gospel of Luke

The better we know Jesus’ story, the easier it is to see him active in our lives. Mark’s Gospel got us started in our previous sermon series. Remember the promise of Easter: “He’s going ahead of you…” Now, Luke’s Gospel will help us see Jesus even more clearly.

3) Worship Handouts

Each Sunday, a worship handout will be provided that will guide you through the week ahead. This will include a weekly reading guide from both the Joining Jesus book and the Gospel of Luke, a weekly prayer, discussion questions, and more. Click below to access the weekly worship handouts.

Worship Handouts

4) Core Connection

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends to take a missional next step into everyday life. Each week of this series, our Director of Discipleship & Outreach, Sam Orozco, will help us deepen our Joining Jesus journey as he meets up with different NewLife families in their neighborhood to see what Jesus is up to.

Join us here each Wednesday at 6 PM beginning April 21st.

What's the Next Step?

Finally, as we near the end of our series, you’ll be encouraged to engage in something missional in your community. Don’t worry! You’ll receive plenty of support and encouragement as you decide what Jesus is inviting you to join him in doing. Even better – we’ll have a chance to celebrate and share where we see Jesus show up in those opportunities.

So, what are you up to Jesus?