NewLife Community Lutheran Church of Swartz Creek, MI

Family Promise

Family Promise of Genesee County

Family Promise of Genesee County  is a branch of the Interfaith Hospitality Network, a non-profit 501(c)3 national corporation ( currently operating in 41 states. There are 181 affiliates in operation and dozens others in development. They are dedicated to keeping families together during temporary periods of homelessness, while assisting them in finding permanent housing.

In response to our Mission as an outreach church, NewLife Community Lutheran has joined this effort by making our church available to feed and house homeless families for a one-week period each quarter.

We are always looking to fill positions in the following areas:

overnight hosts • food prep • dinner hosts • evening hosts

Family Promise has a national success rate of 80% in moving families into long-term, sustainable housing. There are currently not enough community shelters to accommodate families, and the shelters available to them are filled to capacity and families are frequently turned away. If space is available, many families are separated by gender and sent to different facilities.

In the last several years there has been an…..

  • Increase of 71% among homeless adults living in a family
  • Increase of 53% among homeless children in a family
  • Increase of 300% in the state of Michigan of school-age homeless children

Families make up over 40% of the homeless population. With such a dramatic increase in homelessness among families, there is a need for emergency family programs. NewLife Community Lutheran, in conjunction with Family Promise of Genesee County, is helping to meet that need.

See our Mission board in the café to see how you can help or contact the church office!